With the marketing world as complex as it is, clients are looking for partners who can do it all: help guide brand strategy, create engagement campaigns, execute flawlessly in real time, measure and adjust.

Weber Shandwick’s technology practice is uniquely qualified to deliver this kind of work because we see the whole picture. We start with a brand focus and a strategic rigor that positions clients for long-term success.

And because technology is the story the world reads, and because everyone is affected by it, we need to tell the whole story. Our approach is to look at a story from many angles so that it’s a human story, the kind people get involved in and share with each other. Our world-class practices that work across key industries – from automotive to healthcare – help us bring those perspectives to bear on every assignment.

We have created killer apps that also help us tell the whole story: Rave for a new world of product reviews, Lead Media Tech for engaging influential media around the world, and Mediaco for turning brands into publishers.

We are all techies today. Some in a big-data kind of way. Others in a look-at-my grandkids kind of way. And still others in a beat-my-competition-to-market kind of way. It’s why technology is the story everyone’s engaging with. And Weber Shandwick Technology can help you create, tell and publish the most engaging stories.

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