Beyond the products and services a company provides, Chinese consumers and key audiences increasingly value whether a company is a responsible corporate citizen. When a company fails to take social responsibility seriously or has unethical actions exposed, consumers vote with their wallets and their feet. Ultimately, threats to society or the environment – perceived or real – can seriously damage a company’s reputation and can be catastrophic if left unmitigated.

Weber Shandwick’s Social Impact practice is based on the belief that effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs entail more than just bringing real benefits to society and the environment. It is about increasing business value and reputational equity for the long-term.

Our approach positions CSR as a central part of a company’s overall ethos, transforming the company into a more people-centered organization, and allowing the company to work with stakeholders to improve its industry’s level of social responsibility, creating a better operating environment. We emphasize combining corporate social responsibility with the unique aspects of a business to make a CSR strategy that is both targeted and effective. We help companies showcase their role as positive corporate citizens by connecting stakeholders’ demands and expectations with internal and external communications strategies. Done right, CSR demonstrates that a company’s true value is more than its bottom line.

Giving back to the community is high our own agenda, too. Through our Access to Opportunity initiative, our people lent time, energy and professional expertise in helping champion equal opportunities for people. We have channeled support to organizations such as the China AIDS Walk, Chunhui Children, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Save the Children – with the latter even winning a Gold Stevie at the 2015 International Business Awards.

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